We’re an all female team of friends who for the past decade have done nothing but create wholesomely awesome porn, filled with genuine passion and love - the way we think it should be! We believe in the natural exhibition of our sexuality, all natural girls in all natural situations, with no scripts or demands. We believe these simple principles are what makes Ersties the most unique place to watch the most passionate and devoted porn in the world. As a result, we've built a Twitter following of over 40,000 fans and have been featured in outlets such as Vice, The Huffington Post, Tech Insider, Mr. Skin, The Metro and many more. 

This blog is our way of giving you, our amazing community, a peek behind the Ersties curtain, expanding your own sexual horizons and experiencing porn on a totally different, human level. We want to take you closer than ever before to the very girls you love to watch, share our sexual knowledge and help promote a whole new way of looking at sex!

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Our blog is all about involving the Ersties community in everything we do. To make things a little easier to navigate we have split the blog in to 4 category types. Check them out below and start filtering your porn to exactly what you want exactly when you want it.


This section of the blog is all about getting to know the amazing girls who shoot for Ersties. What makes them tick, inside the bedroom and out? What really turns them on? Where to find them on Ersties and what naughtiness they are getting up to, it’s all there in our ‘Introduces’ section.

Getting to know: Jay Elle
Getting to know: Lena B
Getting to know: Molly K
Getting to know: Marina
Getting to know: Liandra
Getting to know: Lina
Getting to know: Luna
Getting to know: Laney
Getting to know: Mai
Getting to know: Frieda
Getting to know: Tara
Getting to know: Panda
Getting to know: Lola
Getting to know: Talia
Getting to know: Katie
Getting to know: Keilyn
Getting to know: Candela
Getting to know: Lucinda
Getting to know: Kara
Getting to know: Chloe
Getting to know: Tanja
Getting to know: Aurora


Go behind the scenes on our very latest and very hottest shoots with our Ersties…Shoots blogs. Let us show you exactly what happens when the Ersties camera’s start rolling, the story behind each shoot and the girls doing their thing. We also dip in to our huge archives to reminisce about the naughtiest and most outrageous shoots in our history!

Bed, bath and way beyond with Fleur and Olivia
Hilda shows Amarna just how amazing her new toy is...
One day with a bidet
Orgasms and oral with Taliah and Aeryn
Catching up with old friends, Ersties style!
A passionate afternoon of BDSM with Chloe and Liandra!
A spankingly good day with Lucinda and Tara
When the Ersties girls played spin the bottle...
The time we went skinny dipping with Olivia!
Playing pin up with Dorothea
A sensual Sunday session with Laney and Jay Elle
A day out lingerie shopping - Ersties style! (Part 1)
Sunshine, summer and sex; Sara and Mia's adventurous day out (Part 2)
A day full of fetishes with Peach and Tina
You won't believe what we got up to in this photo booth!
A bubble bath, a balcony and a bottle of champagne...
What happened when the Ersties girls took a trip to the swimming pool...
A naked (and horny!) day out exploring Berlin with Cleo
Is this the most intense orgasm from a toy you've ever seen?!
The Ersties sexy surprise Christmas
A threesome with a twist!
Bath time with Marina and Keilyn
The Tinder sex experiment


This is the place we open up the floor to the wonderful girls here at Ersties HQ. We have a combined wealth of sexual knowledge and we intend to share it! In life it is important to trust experts and well, we are experts in the world of sex. How to give perfect head, a guide to outdoor sex, our favourite toys and what to do with them. Let us take your sex life to the next level!

Our guide to using sex toys to improve your sex life!
The Ersties guide to bondage and BDSM (with examples!)
The Ersties guide to sexploring the great outdoors
Lesbian sex myths, debunked!
The Ersties guide to celebrating Masturbation Month...in style!
The united nations of Ersties
A round up of 2016 so far (plus a free video!)
Your frequently asked questions...answered!
Our naughty day at the library that was seen around the world!
Porn in the modern era; how do you watch yours?
The Ersties guide to our favourite sex positions
5 months later, our Tinder experiment is still turning heads online...
Everything you need to know about female orgasms (and how to give your girlfriend one!)
Ersties girls confess to their craziest sexual experiences...
The future of sex is here, and it looks terrifyingly awesome...
The ultimate Ersties guide to giving head
Behind the scenes of our first virtual reality shoot!


Love your girls with glasses? What about tattoos? What about those girls that like things a little more natural down there? Well look no further than the Ersties…Showcases section. We take the time to listen to the Ersties community and compile our Showcase blogs to bring you the perfect girls to suit your particular needs and tastes. Top 5’s, Best evers, you get the gist. 

Celebrating our love for girls with minimal melanin
An Ersties ode to redheads!
Our favourite Ersties girls with glasses
5 of our favourite Ersties girls with ink
5 of the most intense girl-girl orgasms on Ersties...ever!
The 5 riskiest public Ersties shoots ever
The 5 most mind blowing solo orgasms on Ersties, ever!

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A perfect Thursday evening with Katana & Ophelia 😍 https://t.co/vtOedlYwPt

Have you met Kitty? 🐱🔥 Watch her new shoot here 🔞👉 https://t.co/sRNxUBDmzM https://t.co/3nGmxL3LnV

Happy Thursday from Charlie & Nova 👅 https://t.co/cjLmOXn5Y4

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Have you checked out Kitty's new blog yet? 🔥 Don't miss it here 🔞👉 https://t.co/sRNxUBDmzM https://t.co/FaNGYY9Vp3

Tease Tuesday with Liz & Lilyan 😍👅 https://t.co/R2yQ3P0yP1

🚨 NEW BLOG ALERT 🚨 Get to know Kitty & see her full shoot here 🔞👉 https://t.co/sRNxUBDmzM https://t.co/OEabBrOj9H

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